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Sharing Dashboards

Rilo's sharing features allow you to share a marketing dashboard with anybody you'd like, regardless if they have their own Rilo account. Sharing is easy and can be done from the top of any or your dashboards. Simply click the "SHARE" button at the top right and select one of the sharing icons. Rilo will produce a view-only version of your dashboard so collaborators and clients can see the same live data you see, while keeping your settings and permissions secure.


There are three ways to share a dashboard:

  1. Public URL
    • Clicking the link icon allows you to copy a public URL of your dashboard to share with collaborators. When somebody clicks your public URL, they'll see the data set and date ranges you're currently viewing. Public URLs are view-only, meaning that whoever visits the link can see your dashboard, but will be unable to make any changes.
    • rilo-share-public-url
  2. Email
    • Click the envelope icon to send an email to anybody you'd like with a link to your dashboard. You can also add a custom message to add commentary to your report. In the email share window, type an email address and message, then hit send. We'll send an email with a public URL (see above) to recipients so they can view your dashboard right from their inbox.
    • rilo-email-share
  3. PDF
    • Rilo's PDF feature allows you to create a full PDF version of your dashboard that you can download or print. Simply click the PDF icon and Rilo will generate a PDF for the current date range and data set. Once it's ready, just click to download and you'll have a dedicated file to save for you records.
    • rilo-pdf-share