Linking Accounts

Data Sources are the backbone of audience reports and dashboards. To add one, simply cilck the plus (+) button at the top right of your dashboard. Click a platform from the popup window, and we'll guide you through the rest. In most cases, you'll simply be asked to sign into your account and grant access for Rilo to grab analytics data.

Depending on the platform, there may be multiple options for what you choose to link up. We call these layered platforms. All this means is that the platform allows its users to have multiple resources that they manage and share access with other users (the best example is Facebook Pages vs. Profiles). The setup for layered platforms is the same as above, you'll just need one or two more clicks on the confirmation screen to tell Rilo which page/resource you'd like to connect.

In order to link up a layered platform, you must be an admin of at least one business page or resource on that account. Here are the layered platforms that require a business page or resource and the flow for linking them up.

  • Facebook (Account > Page)
  • Instagram Business (Account > Page)
  • LinkedIn (Account > Company)
  • Google Analytics (Account > Web Property > View)