• Inviting Users to Your Organization

Inviting Users to Your Organization

You can add multiple users to join your Organization and share access to the brands you manage. There are limits to how many users can be a part of an Organization based on which plan you're subscribed to. You can upgrade or downgrade any time to choose the best fit for your team.

To manage your Organization users, sign into your Rilo account and click on your profile picture at the top right and click "Organization Settings". In the Organization Settings window, click on the "Users" tab. This tab shows which users are already part of your organization and any invitations that have been sent. You can remove users and cancel invitations any time. 


To add a new user to your organization, click the "Add Team Member" button at the bottom of the "Users" panel. Enter the email of the user you'd like to invite (you can invite anybody, even if they don't already have a Rilo account). Below the email field, you'll be able to choose which Brands you'd like this user to have access to. Toggle "Access" to the "On" position for any Brands that you'd like this user to have access to. Once the email field is filled out and you've given access to your Brands, click "Send Invite".


The user you invited will get an email with a link to accept your invitation and join the Organization. If they don't already have a Rilo account, they'll be able to create one when they accept the invite. You can view the status of any pending invites by navigating back to the "Users" tab of your Organization settings.