Metrics + Data

Data Date Range

You can customize your report to just about any date range by adjusting the date range selector at the top header of your dashboard. Click the date to bring up a few options. Selecting either "WEEKLY" or "MONTHLY" will automatically recaultulate your data to the last 7 days and last 30 days respectively. We'll automatically show the previous periord for the same amount of days on your metric comparisons.

To customize you report even further, you can select a custom date ranging by clicking that option in the range selector. Selecting the "CUSTOM" option will display start and end date fields where you can enter any range you'd like. Click on the day of the calandar for each and hit "GO". Rilo will automatically re-run your report to the set date range. This is usually quick, but can take a minute for larger date ranges.

It's worth noting that there is a floor to how far back you set your start date. This is limited to 2 years. This is set in order to keep your data consistent across all of your platforms. Facebook for example, only keeps data for pages up to 2 years so querying reports past that range is a limitation put in place by the platform. If you're often needing to pull reports for date ranges wider than two years, we'd love to help. Let us know your use case and we'll look into finding a solution.