Content Publishing

Creating a Social Media Post

After you've linked social media accounts to Rilo, you'll be able to publish to all of them directly from Rilo's Content Queue. To create a post:

  1. From your Home page, click on the "Publish" button for the brand that you'd like to post with
  2. On the Content Publisher page, click the "Create Post" button on the bottom of the page
  3. In the Content Creator window, you'll see all of the eligible social media accounts that you've connected to Rilo. Click as many platforms as you'd like to create posts for multiple accounts at the same time.
    • rilo-schedule-post_platform
  4. Under the "When to post" options, click "Now" to publish the posts as soon as they're saved, or "Later" to schedule the posts to be published automatically in the future. Learn more about scheduled posts here.
  5. Add images or videos to your posts by dragging files into the media field, or simply click the media field to browse files from you computer. (*Some platforms won't let you post without an image or video. To learn more about post requirements, click here.)
    • rilo-social-posting_media
  6. Add text, links, and hashtags to your post in the text field for each platform. (*Some platforms require at least some text in order to publish, and some have character limits. To learn more about post requirements, click here.)
  7. After you images/videos and text are added, click the "Create Content" or "Add to Queue" button depending on the post type, to create the post.

Posts created with the "When to publish" setting saved to "Now" will be published to the social media platforms as soon as they're saved. Posts created with this setting saved to "Later" and a publish date will be added to the Content Queue.