Metrics + Data

Audience Totals

The backbone of Rilo's audience insight power is in its ability to show your entire audience reach across all marketing platforms. For every data source and platform you add, Rilo will automatically calculate how it fits into your overall audience, including the audience for that platform and its engagements. This is vital in understanding the effectiveness of your overall marketing efforts and which platforms to focus most on. You can see these metrics at the top of each dashboard under the Auience Totals section. 

Many fans will follow your brand on multiple different platforms, which will all count toward your total audience size. This is helpful in finding which platforms are the most effective at converting fans into followers rather than just generating traffic and impressions. If your total audience is split evenly, it's a good indicator that you're publishing great content accross all accounts. But if your total audience leans heavily toward one or two platforms, it may be a good time to focus on diversifying your audience across other platfroms.