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Unlock MailChimp's Potential with New Rilo Insights

Rilo News | Feb 13, 2018

Email is seeing a resurgance in its ability to reach audiences. Powerful tools like MailChimp's automations are revolutionizing the way marketers think about email, and we now have the ability to reach fans on demand with authentic value. With our most recent product update, you can now track all of the best parts of MailChimp in a single automated report.


By far, the most powerful feature of MailChimp is its automations. Dubbed the MailChimp "brain", these are email flows that are set up once, and triggered to send automatically from that point on. They often take the form of a flow of multiple emails targeted at specific list members at specific times to deliver content that is most valuable to them throughout the fan/customer lifecycle. An onboarding series for example can welcome new members instantly, then send a follow up a few days later with an intro to a product or feature. Then, a week later, invite them to visit your sales page. All without you having to lift a finger.

Rilo is now fully integrated with automations and you can get a detailed look into their performance right in your dashboard. For Rilo users already connected to the MailChimp data source in your dashboard, you're all set! You'll see the new automations data instantly. If you haven't connected MailChimp to Rilo yet, you can do that in a few clicks by signing in and clicking the plus button on the top right of the dashboard to link it up. Grant permission and we'll grab all the data for you, no setup required!

Campaigns and automations have a lot of similarities, but are actually quite different in engagement and how they're sent. We'll show you both side by side so you can tell at a glance which are working best for your brand. To learn more about the amazing things you can do with automations, visit MailChimp's detailed walkthrough.


List Growth

Monitoring subscriber growth is one of the clearest ways to tell if your audience is interested in what you're sending. Typically getting somebody sign up for mailing list is more difficult than getting them to like/follow a social account so you know that subscribed members are warm leads from the start. You can now see a detailed visualization of your list's growth with new subscribes and unsubscribes every single day across any date range you'd like.

If you've already got MailChimp linked to Rilo, you'll start seeing this data instantly. To adjust the view, you can click on the date range at the very top of your dashboard and select "Custom" to enter any date range you'd like to view. Compare this view with engagement graphs from your other social sources in your dashboard to pinpoint trends and inflection points in growth.


Try It Out

We're pretty excited about the advancements MailChimp is bringing to the marketing world. With recent updates to social algorithms, brands are typically only reaching 10% of their audience on socials, but email is completely unaffected. Email marketing is an on demand, guarantee that you'll reach your target. Their inbox is where fans and customers make decisions and where they're more likely to generate a conversion for you than on social feeds. See for yourself! Link up your MailChimp account with Rilo to start making the most of this awesome marketing platform.