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Supercharged Website Conversion Tracking with Rilo

Rilo News | Dec 05, 2017

Ever wonder which traffic sources generate the most conversions for your website? How about which pages convert the most?

We've got you covered with this month's product update: fully automated conversion and acquistion tracking.

Whether you're selling products, teaching a skill, or blogging, your website is meant to serve a purpose and deliver on an objective. That could be to sell a product or to gain an email list subscriber. In either case, measuring those actions defines the success of your website and marketing efforts. In the digital world, a completion of one of those actions is considered a conversion.

Tracking your website conversions is the first step, but in order to make sense of them, you'll need to know where they're coming from and where they occur.

Now you can track all of this automatically in your Rilo dashboard. (Don't have a Rilo account yet? Get a free one here to follow along)

To view your website's conversion data, simply visit your Rilo dashboard and link your Google Analytics account.

That's it!

We've even cutom-built additional metrics that you can't get directly through Google Analytics like conversion rate per page. Once you link your account to Rilo, you'll instantly unlock these metrics:

  • Which sources bring in the most traffic
  • Which sources generate the most conversions
  • Most visited pages
  • Bounce rate per page
  • Pages that generate the most conversions
  • Conversion rate per page
  • Conversions per page

Now that's some powerful data.

Armed with this information, you'll be able to tell if your website is actually creating value and working for you or not.

Is social media generating a lot of conversions? Great! Dedicate focused marketing efforts to your social audience. Does your sign up landing page have a low conversion rate? Then it's probably a good idea to rethink the design.

Because you can track these metrics right alongside your social and email metrics all within Rilo, you'll be able to get actionable insights on your entire marketing strategy all in one place.

Note: Conversions are based on Goals in Google Analytics so you'll want to make sure those are set up there. If you haven't set up any Goals yet, or aren't sure where to start, here's a very quick guide:

  1. In Google Analytics, click on your Admin panel
  2. Navigate to the view you'd like to track and click Goals
  3. In the Goals page, click New Goal
  4. In the Goal creation page, choose Template or Custom (we recommend Custom)
  5. Choose a Goal type. The most common is Destination (for example, order confirmation page, thank you page, etc.)
  6. Add the details for your specific goal. If you chose Destination, this would be the path of the desired page (minus the root URL). For example: "/thank_you" instead of ""

There's a ton of room for cusomization with goals, but this should get you started. For more information on customizing your goals, check our Google's help page for more info.