Meet rilo2

Meet Rilo

Rilo News | Oct 01, 2017

Data is important. Insights are important. But only if they’re followed up with action. Idle information can be a drain on time and resources if not used correctly, but when it’s leveraged toward making an impact, these insights can be a game changer. That’s where Rilo comes in.

Rilo provides completely automated marketing insights on your brand’s entire audience, driven by the content your fans engage with most. We built Rilo in order to measure the actual connections we were making with our audience, something we couldn’t find anywhere else. As marketers and content creators ourselves, we found that many tools simply missed the point. The content and creative behind marketing campaigns are the backbone of genuine audience engagement so we made this the center-piece of our reporting logic. Something we call content-driven insights.


Content-driven Insights

Along with performance trends, Rilo will also pull in recent content from across various platforms that your brand uses to reach fans. See which posts and visuals fans engage with most so you can deliver only the best content. Making a change in creative direction? Monitor those posts along with your performance trends to see if it’s working. Seeing an uptick in engagements? Take a look at the type of content being published recently and try to deliver more like it.


Audience Overview

Your brand’s digital presence spans a vast range of platforms and user personas so it’s important to get the full picture. Rilo reports will pull in performance data from every account you link up, so you can view it all in one place. Track each individually or as an audience total. Although each platform is different, almost every one of them shares the same core concepts of impressions and engagements. When you link accounts to your Rilo report, we’ll automatically pull in performance metrics across all of them and show you how your entire strategy is resonating with fans. Instantly see how your total audience is split across various platforms and get intelligent audience summaries. Find out which platform is producing the most engagement or which saw the most significant growth. All updated for you automatically.


Automated Insights

At its core, Rilo was built to help brands and creators create better, more engaging content for their fans. That’s why we made the entire platform completely automated. No need to sign into separate accounts, sort through spreadsheets, or consult your tech team to run SQL queries. Link up your accounts to Rilo once, and we’ll keep your entire marketing report updated with fresh data for you automatically. Send reports to your team or clients directly through your dashboard or download a copy for later. Spend less time digging through data so you can get back to doing what you do best. 

With countless ways of pulling data, analyzing, reporting and measuring, it’s easy to get lost in the information itself and lose focus on what’s most important to your audience and customers. The obsession with data can be truly draining when trying to make sense of the multitude of analytics tools out there. We think Rilo is a refreshing change of pace and we’d love for you to give it a try. Get 14 days of free, automated reporting on us. Sign up below and let us know what you think.