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Marketing Reports on Autopilot with New Weekly Summaries

Rilo News | Feb 17, 2018

Keeping track of a popular brand or business in the marketing world requires constant monitoring to build an effective strategy. Fan and customer interests can change at a moment's notice and it's crucial to know which platforms they're engaging with most in order to make the most of shifting trends. We're here to help. With Rilo's new marketing summaries, you'll get a customized a weekly update of your brand's top key wins and higlights across all of your marketing platforms, right in your inbox.

These new marketing summaries are powered by Rilo aggregation engine. This feature gathers data from all of your marketing platforms at once and makes comparisons to surface which are performing best. Link up a data source once, and Rilo will keep it updated with new data automatically, in real time.

All of this data magic happens in a matter of seconds and can run entirely on autopilot. That means, while you're working away on projects, juggling meetings, or on holiday, Rilo is crunching the numbers and creating your marketing report for you! Open up your summary to get a quick look at keys wins and even share the entire, live dashboard with clients and team members.


Rilo marketing summaries are enabled by default and you'll get your first one automatically, as long as your account is active and has at least one data source linked up. You can enable and disabled marketing summaries for specific brands and dashboards on your account or for your account as a whole. Here's how to get that set up:

Enabling Marketing Summaries for Dashboards:

  1. Sign into your account and navigate to the dashboard you'd like to work with.
  2. Click the gear icon to open your dashboard's settings.
  3. Click the purple toggle in the notification section labeled Marketing Summaries to turn these on or off.


Enabling Marketing Summaries for your Account:

  1. Sign into your account and click your profile picture to navigate to Account Settings.
  2. Click the tab labled Notifications.
  3. Click the purple toggle in the notification section labeled "Marketing Summaries" to turn these on or off.