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Building Brands With Wayward Creative

Case Studies | Oct 08, 2017

Wayward is a creative consultancy based out of New York that specializes in brand identity, executing through strategy, design, and marketing. We also created Rilo. This platform was created to solve some fundamental challenges that we found no solutions for elsewhere: save time on reporting, improve actionable insights, and put the focus back on content and creative. With Rilo built and ready, and an increasing workload at Wayward, we had the perfect opportunity to put it to the test.


Built to Scale

When you need to manage multiple brands at once, the list of social, website, and streaming platforms to track can grow quickly. As was the case with Wayward’s growing project queue. On average, each brand we managed required monitoring of 8 separate digital platforms, resulting in countless hours of data pulling when it came time to report on performance. The solution was in Rilo’s aggregation engine.

By linking up client accounts, Wayward was able to track multiple sources at once, all from a single Rilo report. With a macro view of each brand’s audience, we were able to get comprehensive insights into what resonates most with fans. Each client and project was organized into its own dashboard so that we could easily navigate between them and instantly get a view of performance. The need for spreadsheets and hopping between the various individual platforms was completely eliminated, allowing us to scale Wayward’s business and focus on creating content.


Content + Connections

As a creative agency, the content that Wayward produces is what will make or break a campaign. By leveraging Rilo for our marketing reports, we were able to showcase the impact of our work through post images and content summaries directly in our reports. We were able to track our marketing strategy in real time to see how creative was resonating with fans. A quick look at engagement trends and the content behind those trends allowed us to make strategy improvements on the fly. We could then use a customizable reporting range in Rilo to help show the before and after picture of a successful three-month campaign.





Leveling the Playing Field

By leveraging Rilo’s reporting structure, we were able to improve our marketing transparency and actionable insights at Wayward both internally and for our clients. Each platform has its own naming convention for KPIs which can sometimes differ between sources. We created a streamlined solution with Rilo to help make sense of disparate data by focusing on marketing objectives rather than just the metrics themselves. Each platform within a Rilo report helps measure traffic, engagement, and users both individually and as an audience total, regardless if it’s called a tweet, a like, or a view. Armed with a cleaner data set, Wayward was able to turn raw information into actionable insights and speak the same marketing language as our clients.


The Results

Over a three-month period, Wayward was able to scale its business by reducing reporting time and increasing output. With a clearer path ahead and more time to produce, we were able to drive sales and create more engaging content for our clients.

  • 80hrs/month saved in automating the reporting process

  • 72 individual accounts reduced down to 9 consolidated reports

  • +20% avg. audience engagements across accounts

  • +45% new client conversions

  • $2.6k saved in reporting resources